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Independence Day 2019 Events and Happenings in Franklin WI

The Fourth of July is probably the most important day of the year for us as Americans – it commemorates the date that we declared our independence from Great Britain, paving the way for our country’s transformation from a loose collection of colonies to a global power. Here at home, there’s always reason to celebrate our nation, so in a few short weeks we invite you to join us at some awesome Independence Day 2019 Events and Happenings in Franklin WI. Have fun! 

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Franklin Civic Celebration 

The Fourth of July isn’t just a day’s worth of celebration in Franklin; this year, there will be time to celebrate for four days! With plenty of fun lined up including two fireworks shows (on Thursday and Saturday), live music (from Bella Cain, Mt. Olive and more), and a giant parade through the heart of town, this is a party you won’t want to miss.  

4th of July Exercise Celebration 

Looking to kickstart your metabolism on Independence Day and have some fun doing so? Come stop by Franklin City Hall at 8am for a fun-filled morning with some awesome workouts to boot. Bodyweight and Zumba exercises will both be there to participate in, so come by and get some energy going before the festivities kick off!  

Waterford River Rhythms 

Nearby Waterford hosts its annual River Rhythms concert series every summer, and this time around there will be two awesome acts for you to check out on July 4th. The Whiskeybelles (playing country, unsurprisingly) and the Rush Tribute Project (a Rush tribute band, less surprisingly) will both be taking the stage throughout the afternoon and into the evening – get your tickets and stop by! 

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