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Just bought a new 2018 GTI and couldn’t have ahead a better buying experience. Everyone from the salesperson, Joe K, to the finance guy, to the cashier, to the GM handled things so easily and pressure free. I had checked out a few different dealerships and didn’t get that same feeling from any of the others. I can’t say enough for Boucher Vw in Franklin.
The experience reflected what I consider to be the ideal purchasing experience: See detailed listing online, call with an offer, get an itemized quote by email, come in to sign papers, leave with a car. The quote took about 45 minutes to receive, and I was in an out of the dealership in less than 90 minutes. No upsells, no pressure. All communication was quick and professional. Milwaukee is a long way from home, but it was worth it.
I negotiated a deal with them through email and got an amazing price for a certified pre owned Volkswagen CC. I had to drive two hours to the dealership but right as I got there the car was washed and taken care of. I would like to thank Jeremy for the experience. It was sort of a like a family relationship, he answered all my questions and there was no hassle. I would recommend this dealership since their service is incredible and the people that work there, really are there to help you get the... More
The whole team at Boucher VW in Franklin is absolutely wonderful! I went into looking for a car very hesitant and anxious because my last car buying experience was so dreadful. Not only was my salesman, Tony, incredibly knowledgeable, realistic, and down to earth but he made the whole experience fun and pain free. Also a huge thank you to Brian who was able to get me an incredible interest rate and lower monthly payments than I had. The whole experience was exceptional.
I purchased a 2015 Volkswagen Jetta. Great service! Everyone was accommodating and helpful. Joe Kryszewski was my salesman and I truly enjoyed working with him. I would definitely recommend Joe and the dealership as a whole to friends and family.
I checked with other area VW dealerships and picked Boucher in Franklin. This also happens to be the furthest one from my home. I picked Boucher because their personnel was the most attentive, knowledgeable, and overall the friendliest. I have a great new vehicle that fits me perfectly along with a nice extended warranty. My final decision came down to the VW Passat TDI Premium vs. the Lexus ES350. I went with the Passat and feel great with my decision.
I purchased a 2013 Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen. It was a great experience! Michael Tillman my salesman and was very helpful and understanding of my needs. Even though it was 95 degrees and hot and humid he never rushed me outside. He also understood that time was very important to me and that I didn't have a lot of it. He worked with me throughout the day by email to "get the job done" BEFORE I came in to the dealership later that day. Another very nice gesture was they offered to go pick m... More
On June 14 I stopped in to Boucher Volkswagen to surrender my 2010 Jetta at the end of its lease. I did not think I could afford another Jetta so I had looked at other cars. Luis Veguilla was assigned to help me fill out an odometer statement. He inquired why I did not want another Jetta and I told him. He then said he would like to see if he could find a new Jetta that would fit my budget. He was able to work with other personnel to find a Jetta that fit my needs and had a lease less expensive... More
Fantastic experience from start to finish - I'll never buy a car anywhere else. Sean Christofferson is a true professional & I never felt even remotely pressured.
After months of researching and test driving many cars, I made my decision. I was not looking forward to the next phase. Having to go to a car dealer and haggle over the price. Of course I was looking for the best price possible, but customer service was also a priority. On line, I found the exact car for a great price at Boucher Volkswagon. I called Boucher and spoke with Mike DeVries. I was not expecting what happened next. The advertised price was in fact the price. No hidden fees. Mike was... More