Is the 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan a Safe Car?

March 9th, 2022 by

Roads are continually getting busier, which means you need to always be on the lookout. Thankfully, technological advances allow for much safer driving. These advances are as good or better than an extra set of eyes. Volkswagen has helped lead the way in safety innovation. With that in mind, we’ll answer the question of “Is the 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan a Safe Car?”.

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Is the Tiguan Safe? What Is IQ.DRIVE?

What’s better than one advanced safety system? For one, many advanced safety systems, all at work together to prevent you from getting in an accident. The engineers at Volkswagen call it IQ.DRIVE; it’s an intelligent system that is looking out for you on the road. Some of the systems in the available IQ.DRIVE for the 2022 VW Tiguan include:

  • Adaptive Cruise Control. This system is leaps and bounds ahead of standard cruise control where you set a speed and that was it. This allows for speed, the distance between you and the car in front of you, and it continually adjusts so you don’t have to.
  • Active Blind Spot Monitor. Literally, an extra set of eyes (or cameras, anyway) –to warn of blind-spot lurkers, and the ability to steer you out of harm’s way should the need arise.
  • Emergency Assist. If you lose consciousness or the ability to drive, Emergency Assist can sound warnings. If no response is made, the system will safely bring the car to a stop.

Is the 2022 Volkswagen Tiguan a Safe Car? IQ.DRIVE and Boucher VW think that the answer is yes.

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Now that you know the Tiguan and IQ.DRIVE can help look out for your safety, why not visit your local VW dealership to take a look at one. Come on into Boucher Volkswagen in Franklin for a test drive or contact us for more information. Safer travels are ahead!

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